Clash Royale can be enjoyed by the elite gamer only

The Supercell understood the urgency of some prominent gamers. A terrific game with excellent logic has been designed and the players of Clashes of Clans got a relief. The user of Android and iOS has been playing this game for quite some time now. While designing the game, developers kept a close resemblance with the past character that would have seen in Clash of Clans. But Clash Royale Cheats only has the resemblance. Everything else is different. This game is an online multiplayer extravaganza of clashes of towers.

Knowing the troops is very important in Clash Royale

It is a game of 74 of cards. The gamer has to be very cautious in picking up the cards to defend own tower or demolish enemy’s tower. Before making any move with any card the gamer must be aware of its applicability. Every card has its unique power or weakness. On each move, the gamer should weigh the strength and weaknesses of opponent elixir. For instance in restricting Valkyrie if the gamer uses skeleton he simply wasting his elixir. On reaching particular stage the cards gain strength. So, the gallant fight must be fought with intelligence. It suggests that wrong troops can lead to a big loss. So picking up the right troops is very important for the gamer to win the Clash Royale Hack.

In any war placement of troops is of utmost importance

With the cards, one makes all the movement in the game hence it is understandable that their placement is very vital. A new gamer without any experience of war strategy may think troops can be applied before the tower. But this would not help much. In this case, pull strategy can be utilized. By pulling the opponent’s army at the center one can engage both the towers. This would help the gamer to demolish enemy’s tower without much affecting own towers. In addition to this, the gamer can apply multiple troop strategy in waging war against the enemy much ahead of the line of action. This will lower the risk of suffering heavy loss. Another important point must be noted by the gamer is that is the troops are placed at a distance little away from the opponent then poison spells and freeze spells won’t be a matter of concern.

Distracting with another troops and structures are the important strategies

In Clash Royale Hack you either place your soldiers in front of the opponent’s soldiers or little away. When you suddenly drop your troops at a point, the opponents soldiers get little confused. This takes them away from their stance. This clears some part of the enemy’s troop away from the tower enabling more vicinity of opponent’s tower. Now you can easily take shots at enemy’s tower. A structure can be placed to move away from some part of the enemy’s troops. When enemy’s troops will reach your arena tower use Electro or