Clash of Clans is the Smartest games of the Smartphone

With the arrivals of Smartphone in the market lot of games are coming in. But there is no argument that Clash of Clans (COC) is undoubtedly the best. The game demands a smart mind. You need to win the game with limited gems, limited elixir, limited loots and limited troops. This game does not provide an unlimited resource through an online hack. Clash of Clans Hack asks for the real sincere effort of the gamer. Hard earned points are always more satisfactory than easy routes. The game is played by uncountable gamers all over the world. The developer Supercell has come up with their new version but till date, people are still crazy about Clash of Clan.

Over the years people have gathered huge knowledge about this game. But youngsters are still coming in. Therefore it will not be a loss of time if we recapitulate the basics of Clash of Clans Hack. Let us take some points which the gamer should follow while playing COC.

Time is an important determinant in any superior game

A gamer should always be aware of the time. Time is really precious. If the gamer does not keep a watch or fail in time management then winning becomes an impossible task. In upgrading the gamer must take some time. This game should not be played in a hurry and before making any move the game must take note of all the points. If you show hurriedness then your defense mechanism would definitely suffer at least at the higher level. Definitely good ranks are attractive but the player should concentrate on playing ability. That is why if you are new to this game be little slower on your offensive moves. Before marching ahead always be alert that the opponent does not attack your village from the other side.

In spending, gamer should be very wise

It is the rule of life that one should be wise in spending. CocĀ Hack is no exception. Particularly when one is new to this game the gamer must not spend unnecessarily. With the Giants, the gamer can make a good move but you need to spend more for them. Do not put all your resources on one as one Giant cannot make you win the game. In a strategic game, you must proceed carefully. First, you can spend on the Barbarians then take a Dragon. Here the gamer must know one more thing. Some of them require more time in creation. In 2 minutes you can have four archers. But Wizards are created in 8 minutes. So keeping an eye on the creation time of each is an important matter for the gamer.

Do not wait long to use spells when required

Among the units, spells are one of the most expensive. But because of their effectiveness, the gamer go for it even though they are bit costly. Only one thing you must ensure is thatĀ you must check out that your earning is matching with your spending. You need to spend 15,000 elixirs for Healing spell whereas 23,000 for Rage spells.

If someone maintains the above there condition while playing COC the successes would follow in due course.