Clash of Clans is the Smartest games of the Smartphone

With the arrivals of Smartphone in the market lot of games are coming in. But there is no argument that Clash of Clans (COC) is undoubtedly the best. The game demands a smart mind. You need to win the game with limited gems, limited elixir, limited loots and limited troops. This game does not provide an unlimited resource through an online hack. Clash of Clans Hack asks for the real sincere effort of the gamer. Hard earned points are always more satisfactory than easy routes. The game is played by uncountable gamers all over the world. The developer Supercell has come up with their new version but till date, people are still crazy about Clash of Clan.

Over the years people have gathered huge knowledge about this game. But youngsters are still coming in. Therefore it will not be a loss of time if we recapitulate the basics of Clash of Clans Hack. Let us take some points which the gamer should follow while playing COC.

Time is an important determinant in any superior game

A gamer should always be aware of the time. Time is really precious. If the gamer does not keep a watch or fail in time management then winning becomes an impossible task. In upgrading the gamer must take some time. This game should not be played in a hurry and before making any move the game must take note of all the points. If you show hurriedness then your defense mechanism would definitely suffer at least at the higher level. Definitely good ranks are attractive but the player should concentrate on playing ability. That is why if you are new to this game be little slower on your offensive moves. Before marching ahead always be alert that the opponent does not attack your village from the other side.

In spending, gamer should be very wise

It is the rule of life that one should be wise in spending. Coc Hack is no exception. Particularly when one is new to this game the gamer must not spend unnecessarily. With the Giants, the gamer can make a good move but you need to spend more for them. Do not put all your resources on one as one Giant cannot make you win the game. In a strategic game, you must proceed carefully. First, you can spend on the Barbarians then take a Dragon. Here the gamer must know one more thing. Some of them require more time in creation. In 2 minutes you can have four archers. But Wizards are created in 8 minutes. So keeping an eye on the creation time of each is an important matter for the gamer.

Do not wait long to use spells when required

Among the units, spells are one of the most expensive. But because of their effectiveness, the gamer go for it even though they are bit costly. Only one thing you must ensure is that you must check out that your earning is matching with your spending. You need to spend 15,000 elixirs for Healing spell whereas 23,000 for Rage spells.

If someone maintains the above there condition while playing COC the successes would follow in due course.

Clash Royale can be enjoyed by the elite gamer only

The Supercell understood the urgency of some prominent gamers. A terrific game with excellent logic has been designed and the players of Clashes of Clans got a relief. The user of Android and iOS has been playing this game for quite some time now. While designing the game, developers kept a close resemblance with the past character that would have seen in Clash of Clans. But Clash Royale Cheats only has the resemblance. Everything else is different. This game is an online multiplayer extravaganza of clashes of towers.

Knowing the troops is very important in Clash Royale

It is a game of 74 of cards. The gamer has to be very cautious in picking up the cards to defend own tower or demolish enemy’s tower. Before making any move with any card the gamer must be aware of its applicability. Every card has its unique power or weakness. On each move, the gamer should weigh the strength and weaknesses of opponent elixir. For instance in restricting Valkyrie if the gamer uses skeleton he simply wasting his elixir. On reaching particular stage the cards gain strength. So, the gallant fight must be fought with intelligence. It suggests that wrong troops can lead to a big loss. So picking up the right troops is very important for the gamer to win the Clash Royale Hack.

In any war placement of troops is of utmost importance

With the cards, one makes all the movement in the game hence it is understandable that their placement is very vital. A new gamer without any experience of war strategy may think troops can be applied before the tower. But this would not help much. In this case, pull strategy can be utilized. By pulling the opponent’s army at the center one can engage both the towers. This would help the gamer to demolish enemy’s tower without much affecting own towers. In addition to this, the gamer can apply multiple troop strategy in waging war against the enemy much ahead of the line of action. This will lower the risk of suffering heavy loss. Another important point must be noted by the gamer is that is the troops are placed at a distance little away from the opponent then poison spells and freeze spells won’t be a matter of concern.

Distracting with another troops and structures are the important strategies

In Clash Royale Hack you either place your soldiers in front of the opponent’s soldiers or little away. When you suddenly drop your troops at a point, the opponents soldiers get little confused. This takes them away from their stance. This clears some part of the enemy’s troop away from the tower enabling more vicinity of opponent’s tower. Now you can easily take shots at enemy’s tower. A structure can be placed to move away from some part of the enemy’s troops. When enemy’s troops will reach your arena tower use Electro or

Guns of Boom cheats: Introduction, Method, and Benefits in the game

Since you are here, reading, it clearly means you are a big fan of the game Guns of Boom and are looking for some hooks and crooks to crack a hard nut in the game. Well, you have come to the right place for we have the best tricks that will make your life easier and better in the game. These Guns of Boom cheats are quite simple and easy to access to. For, when you are shooting and killing your enemy, a little effort or a push is not a big deal. Rather, it is quite healthy.

These hacks and cheats for the game is a combination of appealing graphics and a great gameplay that will keep every player hyped. For, when you are playing the game, you require a certain amount of skills (which most of us lack) and a good deal of resources that need to be accessed to.

How to get guns of boom free gunbucks?

The steps involving the ways to obtain the Guns of Boom hacks are quite easy if you follow through.

Steps to use the Guns of Boom hack online:

The first step involves you to click on the links offered on the page of the Guns of Boom game’s site in order to access the Guns of Boom hack, online.

Next step is to enter your username in the hack link when asked.

Then, you are to choose your platform for the game. Example: Android or iOS

Then, select the type of Gold and Gun bucks that you require in the game to generate through this hack.

When done, you will find an option stating ‘Generate’, click on it and wait.

You will soon have it in the game when you open it.

What are its benefits?

There are various benefits that you acquire via this hack.

You have a better control over the game by pumping up your enemies.

You will find free adjustable shoot-outs, which are great.

There is a scope for a better explanation of the gameplay for beginners to understand the there is an availability of game better.

There is an option for Auto-fire, which you have to attain and make it accessible on your path naturally.

there is an availability of guns and rifles, even if you are not on a particular level because the hack does the trick for you and you can use the guns provided by the  hack.

Well, that is all for the Guns of Boom cheats for you to avail too. Follow through the steps mentioned and you will be just fine.